Chop the Curse, Go Braves!

Chop the Curse, Go Braves!

Atlanta sports have been plagued without a championship from any of the major sports teams since the Braves won the World Series in 1995. That was until 2018 the Atlanta United soccer team won a championship.

Atlanta’s basketball, baseball, and football teams are still carrying on with the Atlanta sports curse. The Braves last attended a world series 22 years ago in 1999, yet they did not come out victorious. The Braves have been given a new chance here in 2021, having a 3-2 series lead on the Houston Astros.

The Atlanta Braves have a young roster full of elite athletes and a pitching staff that has held strong throughout the season. The Braves won the National League East over the Philadelphia Phillies by six and a half games. They then went on to win the divisional series versus the Milwaukee Brewers in three games. Finally, in their route to the World Series, they beat the Los Angeles Dodgers taking the series four games to two.

The Braves came into the postseason with the worst record of any other playoff team at 88 wins. The team was overlooked by many to make it into the playoffs as it was a close race between them and the Phillies, but they prevailed.

            “We might have taken an unconventional path to get to this stage… but we also just might be those motherf*ckers” – Braves Outfielder Joc Pederson

The Atlanta Braves’ run to the World Series does not come without caution as many are used to the curse of Atlanta Sports. In 2016, things were looking up for the Atlanta Falcons as they entered halftime of Superbowl 51 with a lead of 28-3 versus the New England Patriots. Although, the curse then decided to make its mark as we watched the Falcons give up 31 unanswered points and inevitably lose the game.

The Atlanta Braves have also had their share of the sports curse over the past few seasons after blowing a 3-1 series lead versus the Dodgers last season in the NLDS. There is more when it comes to the Atlanta Hawks as they have not made it to an NBA finals game since 1960, in a series they lost four games to one.

The Braves are not only looking to break a drought for themselves but also a drought for Atlanta sports teams as a whole.