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Don’t Skip These Concert Safety Tips


Going to a concert or festival can be one of the most enjoyable experiences you have in life. At concerts and festivals, you get the chance to meet up with friends, make new ones, and bond over your love for an artist’s music. However, an event with so many people means that anything can happen, so safety should always take precedence. With this in mind, here are 10 concert safety tips to know that will keep you and your group safe and ensure a wonderful night.

1. Keep track of your valuables or leave them at home

Although this might be a hard one to follow, it’s important. If you can, leave your valuables at home. If not, don’t put your phone or wallet in your back pocket. It can easily be stolen. Instead try putting those items in your front pockets so you can keep an eye on them or even better, try an anti-theft bag. These were created specifically for festival and concert-goers and the key feature is that all the zippers are located against your back. This will make it impossible for thieves to open your bag without you knowing.

2. Be aware of your surroundings

The most important thing to remember while attending a show is to keep an eye on everything going on around you, from the people to the bands performing. Paying attention to everything that’s going on is an important part of keeping yourself safe.

3. Wash your hands regularly and avoid touching your face

Keeping your hands clean is important under any circumstances, but especially in a global pandemic. Many people still choose to go to events even when they are sick and you never know who is feeling under the weather. Washing your hands with soap and water helps prevent the spread of diseases in large crowded venues. It’s also important to avoid touching your face. These two steps can help keep everyone healthy.

4. Get there early

Not only does getting to the venue early help you secure a good spot for the show, it’ll also allow you to gauge the environment you’re in and get a feel for what it’s like. And getting there early will also come in handy for the next tip.

5. Make a note of security and the venue exits/layout

Knowing where security stands are, what they look like, and knowing where the nearest exits are could be a huge help in the case of an emergency. You want to know what security personnel is wearing so you can find help easily, especially in the event of a medical emergency or fight. Additionally, knowing where all the exits are can be extremely useful in an emergency situation. Although everyone normally goes to the front at a concert or festival, standing further away from the crowd and near an exit is a much better option.

6. If you’re going with a group, have a meet-up spot

It’s easy to lose track of your friends once the show starts – especially if there’s standing room only in the venue. Phone reception can sometimes be spotty, so having a meet-up spot prior to the show is smart. It can be anywhere from the entrance to the bathroom, but having that pre-planned spot can be a huge help.

7. Make sure your phone is charged 

It’s easy to want to take a bunch of pictures or videos when you go to a concert, but if you do that, make sure you have a portable charger. Being at a concert or festival with a dead phone can make it hard for people to contact or find you in case of an emergency. Bringing a portable charger or limiting the time spent on your phone is a good solution.

8. Stay on the outsides of mosh pits and crowds when possible

The excitement of attendees can cause them to rush forward and crush smaller or more vulnerable event-goers. If you travel into the center of a crowd, you may end up being trampled or overwhelmed. If you do get pushed against a railing and overwhelmed, look for security and let them know you need help getting out immediately. 

9. Stay behind at the end of the event

Most people rush straight for the nearest exit at the end of large events. Hundreds or even thousands of people may flood out of the event at the same time. Instead of finding yourself caught up in the rush which can be dangerous, hang out for a little while. Let the crowd scatter somewhat and once it clears out, you can enjoy an easier passage to your car.

10. Be smart!

Being smart is knowing where you are going and making sure you do all the right things such as eating beforehand, drinking lots of water, and wearing earplugs. At concerts and festivals, you will either be in a hot indoor venue or hot at an outdoor venue so staying hydrated and full is very important. Wearing earplugs is just as important. Most concerts and festivals easily reach sound levels above 100 decibels. At this level, your hearing risks being damaged after only 15 minutes. So earplugs are the best solution so you can enjoy without any worries!

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Don’t Skip These Concert Safety Tips