The Black Student Union is Back in Session


The Black Student Union at the University of North Georgia’s Gainesville campus is a student-led organization that is now coming back into action. They meet on Wednesdays at noon, in Nesbitt room 3105.

The BSU is an organization “dedicated to cultural diversity within the University of North Georgia GVL from the Black experience,” as stated on their Campus Groups page. In order to spread their reach and connect with students, they have many plans lined up ahead in the future and are striving to improve.

New BSU president, Donelle Brown, accepted the offer to step up to the plate from the last BSU’s president, Deborah Kakou. Brown says, “[The ] changes that I have for BSU is to have more students, especially black students, be more involved with BSU and make this club a safe space.”

Adding to this, Kakou says, “This school year, BSU plans to thrive towards engagement and positive enforcement through events beyond just BSU members, but the student body.”

Maria Jaiyeola, BSU’s social media coordinator, has been with the BSU for two semesters now. She became the social media coordinator this semester. When it comes to how the BSU helps her, she says, “…I feel more empowered seeing people like me and the fact that we’ve built this community that pushes each other to succeed.”

“BSU highlights out different history with different planned events. It makes me feel more welcomed in the school and seen.”- BSU Social Media Coordinator, Maria Jaiyeola.

When it comes to what they have planned, Kakou says “we have [a] Costume Ball (9th Annual Ball). This event highlights the celebration of Halloween through a selected theme.” At their last costume ball, the theme was Black actors/actresses and creators. “This is important to increase spotlights in our community.” 

The BSU also plans to bring back last school year’s events: The Cookout, Clean up, Interact & Paint, and more. “Black Student Union is evidently huge on joining collaborative ideas to always help and improve UNG’s community/student body.”, says Kakou.