Leave Your Mark: Student Government Association’s Boulder Legacy Project


The Student Government Association at the University of North Georgia has recently completed their Boulder Legacy Project at the UNG Gainesville campus, allowing students to leave their mark.

SGA Vice President, Chelsea Yearwood, was the primary communicator between the SGA and faculty while working with the project. She said, “Our goal for this legacy project is to create reoccurring events that unites everyone, increases student involvement and spirit and will be the centerpiece for UNG tradition.”

The boulder is at the roundabout at the entry for the Gainesville campus. Yearwood also says that there will be a monument marker that will read, “The legacy boulder has been placed by the 2022-2023 Student Government Association as a symbol of tradition and reflection of unity.”

Yearwood said the boulder was donated by Allied Paving Contractors Inc. in Pendergrass, Georgia.

Yearwood said, “…Gainesville SGA has been given the opportunity to allow this boulder to be a visual representation of having outstanding student involvement, student success and student pride.”

She said, “As each new generation of students make their mark, this boulder serves as a visual reminder of where you started, the goals that you have set, and the hard work that you have displayed here at UNG. Through inclusion, collaboration, advocacy, integrity, and engagement, you too are able to leave your mark!”