The Best Ways to Combat Pollen and Allergies


Photo by Ashlee Engel.

“Pollen has definitely skyrocketed in the patients we have been seeing for allergies explains,” Maureen Burnham, nurse practitioner at Windermere Family Medical Group. 

“Patients with allergies have symptoms triggered by a variety of factors. One of the major culprits here in metro Atlanta is pollen. Allergists need to know what pollens are in the air and how they may impact their patients to effectively treat them.”  As the temperatures continue to rise, so will the pollen count here are some tips for surviving those high pollen count days, according to the Atlanta Allergy and Asthma.  

To combat allergies and pollen-related illnesses Burnham, says, “I always say lots of fluids, a humidifier at night can be helpful while your sleeping. The saline nasal spray is always a good one cause you can use that as much as you want.”

Burnham says, her biggest advice is to allergy medicine every day.  “A lot of people just take it every once and a while and it just doesn’t work as well.”

The Atlanta Allergy and Asthma has these recommendations for when the temperature and pollen count climb:

  • Keep your car and house windows closed; run the air conditioner (recycled setting) instead.
  • Change or clean your air filters regularly
  • Shower before going to bed or when you get home. Pollen can settle into your hair and onto your clothes and skin, so a shower will keep you from breathing in pollen all night.
  • Remove shoes upon entering your home.
  • Wash off indoor pets’ paws and wipe down their fur with a damp cloth or towel if they’ve been outdoors. Pets can easily track pollen into your home, leaving it on your carpets and furniture.