Projects Over Tests: New Way of Taking On Finals


Tests are out projects are in.

With finals just a few weeks away, University of North Georgia students study or finish their projects.

When asked whether they preferred final exams or projects, 90 students out of 150 prefer doing projects for finals rather than a test because they say it allows students to be creative with what they have learned.

According to a United States Board of Education study on the effectiveness of assessments and tests, “alternative assessments… assess higher-order thinking skills. Students have the opportunity to demonstrate what they learned. This type of assessment tool focuses on the growth and the performance of the student. That is, if a learner fails to perform a given task at a particular time, s/he still has the opportunity to demonstrate his/her ability at a different time and different situation.”

Harvey Cain, a freshman majoring in physics says, “Projects allow you to be more creative rather than tests.”

Out of the 90 UNG students who prefer projects, the majority say it is because studying for tests stresses them out.

Freshman criminal justice major, Noah Provencher says, “I prefer projects because I am able to work on them outside of the classroom and tests are very stressful along with having to memorize information that I won’t remember after the test seems pointless.”