2020: With the Bad Comes the Good


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As we settle into 2021, we all want to think positive things for year and make it better than the last. Millions of people can all agree that 2020 was an awful year, but despite a global pandemic, 2020 brought about multiple movements, breakthroughs, accomplishments, and no doubt made history worldwide.

The Black Lives Matter movement is one example of something positive that came out of last year. According to an article from the HuffPost, after George Floyd’s death and protests sparked across the country, millions of people around the globe protested the injustice of the legal system and police violence and in support of the BLM movement.

A win for the Supreme Court, they rejected the Trump administration’s determinations to end DACA and ruled that the LGBTQ community is protected by civil rights employee statutes. And who does not love to hear that animal shelters are now emptier than ever! Positive things happened every day all over the world that most people may not know about. They are happening close to home as well.

When asked what positive things happened in 2020, Brandon Lovins, 39, of Marietta was happy to share “Doubled my yearly income,” by starting a new job and making smart investments.

“Great new friends got more money and went on some interesting adventures

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. It was honestly a blast” explained Christian Harper, 26, of Buford.

2020 brought about a new way of thinking and drastically changed people’s outlook on life. Many people were able to reconnect or stay connected through Zoom or FaceTime. Families were able to spend more time together, the entire world learned to cherish the little things and to unplug and show a real appreciation for life. We learned to lean on each other more and support one another. People have adapted to this new way of life and have been able to find creative ways to make money. The pandemic gave people the opportunity to find themselves, find their passions and invest in themselves more than ever.