How have students who have gotten Covid-19 kept their grades up?

Adam Herring, junior business major, tries to stay ahead and keep up with his schoolwork. Photo by
Alex Henry

Adam Herring, junior business major, tries to stay ahead and keep up with his schoolwork. Photo by Alex Henry

Throughout the duration of the Covid-19 pandemic, the virus has affected schools more than almost any other facility. Since returning to campus, many students have already contracted the virus and have had to quarantine in isolation, forcing them to leave school. 


Contracting Covid-19 as a student can create a wide variety of problems. Not only are students with the virus unable to attend classes or be on campus while they quarantine, but there are several symptoms that make doing schoolwork much more difficult, depending on the severity of said symptoms. 


Adam Herring, junior business major, contracted the virus at the beginning of the semester. Herring stated that “having Covid made me really tired all the time and made it a lot harder to focus and stay alert and stuff. I mean I did my best, but it made learning a lot harder”. 


Be that as it may, Herring said that his professors were understanding and sympathetic towards him and made efforts to accommodate his situation. Herring stated “I’m really lucky that my professors were so nice and helpful while I was sick. They told me that if I need extensions on any assignments, then I should just let them know”. 


“My professors basically told me to do the best that I can, but mainly rest and focus on getting better”, said Herring


Max Farley, freshman communications major, also tested positive for Covid-19 last semester, and said that he experienced some of the same difficulties as Herring in regards to schoolwork. “Covid made me feel really drained and lethargic all the time, and thinking clearly and focusing was tough for me. Missing classes also made things harder for me”, said Farley.


Farley did not seem to have as much luck with sympathetic professors as Herring. He stated that some professors were more helpful than others, mentioning that “some of them were super caring and accommodating, but a couple just kinda told me ‘tough luck’ and that made things more challenging for me”. 


Covid-19 has impacted the education system greatly and created a large list of complications related to learning. Students who contract the virus encounter a whole new set of difficulties, with said difficulties varying based on the circumstances of each student. Some students are fortunate to have sympathetic professors who work with them to make sure they stay ahead, while other students have professors who are not so understanding and forgiving.