Cares Act Round Two is Out Now

Cares Act Round Two is Out Now

Last year in April, the University of North Georgia was given $6.8 million federal aid to give to students who were experiencing hardships due to COVID-19. With the passage of congress’s new relief bill, UNG has once again received federal aid for students.

The refund of $200 to $500 will automatically be dispersed February 15-19. Just like last time, students can apply for a special emergency grant of up to $700 if they are experiencing specific hardships. Selecting a refund preference in a timely manner is critical to avoid a minimum 14 day delay.

Even though the amount of money the school received is the same, this Cares Act is not the same as the one from last year. This time around, the eligibility requirements are stricter so students who received money last time may not this time. To be eligible you need to be enrolled for spring semester as of February 8,  have completed a FAFSA for 2020-2021, and be eligible of Title IV financial aid, with an estimated family contribution $5,700 or less. Undocumented and international students are excluded from receiving the funds along with non-degree-seeking students.

Some students talked about how even though $500 can help, it does not cover everything, mainly due to high rent. Chandler Sturdivant, a sophomore at the UNG said, “I applied for the $500 fund and got it. It helps but it definitely needs to be more because rent by itself is $450 and there’s also utilities, food, and gas too. So, more money would definitely help.”

To apply for the emergency grant of $700 , visit the UNG Cares home page click the “Apply for UNG CARES II Grant” tab towards the bottom of the page.

You can also access the data that UNG has provided to see how the school divided the money throughout the semesters and the amount of students receiving funds. The web page also provides further explanations for exclusions and eligibility requirements.