What Students Miss Most About Pre-Covid Times

This picture was taken at Music Midtown 2018, when it was safe to gather in large crowds without masks and social distancing. Photo by Alex Henry

The COVID-19 pandemic and its fundamental changes in everyday life has many students feeling nostalgic about pre-Covid times. 


People say that what they tend to miss most are safe social gatherings, traveling, and not needing to wear masks. 


Rocco Ranallo, junior cybersecurity major, said that what he misses most about pre-COVID times is being able to have the true college experience. He says he misses “the camaraderie among students, being amongst your peers, and being able to learn together in this conducive environment. I just miss feeling like I’m truly in college”.


Adam Herring, junior business major, misses most the social interactions that COVID-19 has necessitated be taken away. “I miss the school events, concerts, dances, festivals, all that kind of stuff. I was really excited to go to Music Midtown last year, but thanks to Covid, that couldn’t happen”, said Herring.


Madison Harner, junior psychology major, misses the convenience of in-person classes and not having any of the struggles that online classes carry. “In any class related to math or numbers or anything like that, asking questions over email is a lot harder to do. Also, I miss being able to use my professors’ office hours and talk to them in person”, said Harner. 


Max Farley, freshman communications major, said that what he has the most nostalgia about before the pandemic was not needing to wear a mask at almost all times while leaving his home, stating that he misses “not having to cover my face and stay at least 6 feet away from everyone wherever I go out in public”. 


Farley said, “It feels like we’re living in a bad post-apocalyptic movie.”