TikTok Influence on Spirituality


TikTok creates trends all the time because young audiences tend to follow what they see on their social media. Spirituality is one of those trends that has gotten a big audience. Multiple creators have pages that focus on practices such as cleansing with sage, tarot card readings, drugs, and stone energies. Many people get it confused with witchcraft and black magic which are used for darker purposes. Whereas, spirituality focuses on peace and positivity.

Metaphysical shops have encountered trend followers for the past few months and state they should not do something just because someone else is doing it. “Yes, we love all the attention and increase in sales in the past months, but sometimes we do not feel comfortable selling certain things to certain people because they do not know what some things are really used for.” Interviewing a worker that did not want to be named from Margo Metaphysical in Athens gave inside information many people do not talk about not even on TikTok. She says some customers that have walked into her store are not even old enough to drive let alone understand the difficulties of the world.

She strongly believes that spirituality is not something to play around with because some stones and other things have high energy frequencies that younger immature people can perhaps not handle. She explained that she recently had a 13-year-old ask for moldavite because she saw it on TikTok and wanted it to change her life. The worker suggested that she comes back when she’s a little bit older. She explained that moldavite is such a strong crystal with intense energy vibrations that it is not for everyone. You must be mentality prepared for it because it will bring life changes that need to happen to help the owner of the moldavite develop as the stronger form of themselves. The changes may be good or they might be too negative for people to handle.

“The last thing you want is a 13-year-old having a spiritual awakening.” – Anonymous Worker

She is glad that it has gotten more popular than it used to be. However, she encourages everyone to be safe and do your research before buying something that you are unsure of. If you feel ready then go ahead because at the end of the day, you make your own choices.