Java City Closure Lets Students Down


Closing sign up and shutter down at Java City. Photo by Junhyuk Ko

UNG announced that Java City is shut down and will be open again in Fall Semester 2022 at a new business building that is being constructed currently.

Located in the Library Technology Center previously, Java City was a big pleasure for students. It sold drinks and snacks, accommodated students to study and rest and provided jobs for students. Samuel Hobgood, a freshman in the Corps of Cadets, said, “I went to Java City every single day when I was on campus with my friends and by myself. I liked White Mocha and Smoothie there.”

Students are now unhappy about three-semester gap between its closure and reopening. Samuel said socializing, getting good coffee and reading books at Java City became all impossible since it closed.

New Mike Cottrell College of Business Building construction site Photo by Junhyuk Ko

The location manager of Java City Jennifer Lunde said about this temporal closure, “Java City closed in preparation for the new building to be built and gave a space back to the library to use as they see fit.” She denied the possibility that Java City will open again earlier than expected for any reason.

Jennifer said Java City will be located on the main floor of the new business building and students can look forward to the new space, new staff, monthly Java City drinks specials and more when it reopens next year.