Wrestling is a sport that can be physically and mentally draining. Even though wrestling is not one of the most popular sports out there, the game has been growing tremendously. Recently Stanford University has decided to cut their wrestling program and ten other sports in their athletic program due to budgetary reasons. Most notably, the wrestling team has gotten the most buzz due to wrestler Shane Griffith winning the National Championship in his weight class. It seems like wrestling is a sport that is under appreciated throughout the NCAA. Wrestling coach and former wrestler for Life University Chandler Dean shared his thoughts on the matter saying: “I do believe it to be very under-appreciated. Wrestling is one of most difficult and draining sports in the world. People don’t truly understand what the training, weight cuts, five a.m. lifts, and extra practices are truly like. The only time people truly get to see and appreciate wrestling is in March at the NCAA National tournament.” It is surprising that a well-known sport like wrestling can be just outright cut from a university, especially one as prominent as Stanford. In the tournament, Stanford had seven national qualifiers and two All-Americans.



During Griffith’s run at the National Tournament, he wore an all black singlet instead of his own Stanford singlet. This was obviously protesting the university’s decision to cut the wrestling program. After he won the national title, there have been many people campaigning and urging Stanford to reconsider. Chandler was also shocked by this news.

“The decision to cut their wrestling program was a shock to the wrestling world.”- Chandler Dean

#KeepStanfordWrestling has become a national trademark and has been trending throughout the entire wrestling community. Stanford alumni and supporters of wrestling have raised over $12.5 million to combat this, but Stanford has ultimately refused to comply. Not just that, but Stanford’s wrestling team has always been nationally competitive.  Stanford Wrestling recently won a Pac-12 title and annually produces NCAA qualifiers and All-Americans. The fact that Stanford University has willingly decided to cut their wrestling program despite all the support just goes to show that the sport of wrestling is undoubtedly under appreciated and downright undervalued. If you want to help contribute to the cause go to  https://www.keepstanfordwrestling.com/ for more information on this issue.