Holi Festival – Colorful Display of Spring


The UNG celebration of the Holi (color) Festival managed to out color the pollen, displaying color with more then just powder. The Holi Festival is an annual celebration of colors celebrated in India, and marks the beginning of Spring. The International Student Association (ISA) hosted the event for UNG, and showed that a colorful personality is just as important to the celebration as the literal color in the air.

The Holi Festival is celebrated as what is called a triumph of good over evil, and a celebration of the transition from winter to spring. The Holi Festival is truly all about spreading love and positive energy to everyone around. While a groundhog determines when spring starts, the celebration of spring comes from the Color Festival.

Shonali Makadiya is president of the ISA, and was the person that headed up the event. “We have done it [Holi Festival] for two years.” Makadiya stated, “this is a great group of officers to work with. They are amazing.” In a time filled with political drama, the Holi Festival pushed all of that to the side for just a moment, and showed what can happen when we all come together in celebration.

The event had a total of 47 people attend, all of which didn’t hesitate to join in on the festivities. Bellow is a photo of Dina Makadiya, sister of Shonali and President of the Asian Student Association, giving Shonali a colorful temporary tattoo.


Temporary tattoos were not the only festivities to take place. The club also gave out containers of internationally focused foods, and colorful powders to throw in the air in celebration of Spring.

It truly is hard to beat all the colors, temporary tattoos, and Michael Scott s’mores. While the pollen count might had been high, the celebrations still shined through.