Bohm Misses Home


No one is safe from the horror that is MLB instant replay… Well, except Alec Bohm. The Sunday night baseball game between the Phillies and Braves was just another example of how awful the replay system for MLB is, and fans made sure to let it be known.

The current instant replay system was implemented at the Major League level during the 2014 season and had mixed reviews from the start. Many fans believed it went against baseball’s main traditions, and that one of the things that made baseball unique was how relatable it was due to the human error involved with umpiring a game. Luckily for fans, that error has remained even with instant replay.

On Sunday, April 11, the Braves and Phillies were tied at six in the top of the ninth inning. Alec Bohm, the third baseman for the Phillies, attempted to score from third base on a sacrifice fly to left fielder Marcell Ozuna. The throw was only clocked at 77 MPH, which made the play a lot closer than it should have been, and was close enough that the umpire called Bohm safe at home.

After the play at the plate, the umpires immediately called New York (home of MLB instant replay) to have them take a look at the play. The replay obviously showed Bohm completely miss home on his slide, and was so convincing that Braves players left the field in assumption that the play would be overturned. However, New York claimed there was “inconclusive evidence” and said the call stands. That is when the madness began.

The game was delayed for roughly 10 minutes due to Atlanta fans throwing trash onto the field to show their displeasure towards the blown call. The Phillies would go on to win the game 7-6, as the run from the blown call turned out to be the game winning run.

Players shared their issues with instant replay. Justin Turner and Mike Trout came out saying replay takes too long (the replay caused a six minute delay), and if they are going to take that long to be incorrect, they should just get rid of it. Replay was introduced to help fix wrong calls, not to keep them wrong. Players and fans have become sick and tired of MLB commissioner Rob Manfred allowing such a broken system to remain unchanged.

The old cliché claimed there is no place like home. That is, unless you are MLB replay, in which case the batters box is also like home. And the on deck circle. And the dugout. And essentially anything within a one mile radius of home plate. While baseball fans may disagree on a lot of things, it is safe to say everyone can agree… Bohm definitely did not touch home.