Percentages Rise as UNG Students Register for Online Courses


Online classes are being enrolled in now more than ever before. This fall at the University of North Georgia, there was a 26% increase in online enrollment in comparison to the previous year.

All five campuses are still open for full face-to-face instruction, but almost 1,000 students enrolled in online courses and online degree programs this semester.

According to the UNG News website, director of graduate admissions, Cory Thornton, said, “The College of Education saw the largest gains in online enrollment at the graduate level. It increased by 34%.”

When asked, some students say that online classes align with their schedules better or that learning independently works better for them personally.

Zoe Hester, sophomore Communications major said, “I prefer online classes because it allows me to work at my own pace. I find that I can get my work done faster when working independently. It is also helpful that when I do not fully understand a lesson, I can take my time and keep going over it without holding back the rest of the class.”

Since 2017, students opting to take online courses have remained a constant.

“Students experienced online learning during the pandemic, and online courses potentially suit their lives more appropriately at this time. The flexibility of online learning may allow students the opportunity to work, tend to family needs and attend class asynchronously. We believe this is the reason an increasing number of students are choosing online learning,” said Michelle Eaton, director of enrollment management for student success.