It’s Rabbit Season: Celebration of the Lunar New Year in Atlanta


Glowing lanterns hang above the main square in Atlantic Station, where the annual Lunar New Year festival was held, Sunday, Jan. 2 (Photo by Eli Hogan)

A sculpture of a red dragon, a symbol of good luck and prosperity in Chinese culture, spewed out fog every few minutes and contained 25,000 lights wrapped around its body. It was created by John Carter, a former New York street artist. (Photo by Eli Hogan)


Two members of the Shaolin Institute performed the traditional Lunar New Year dragon dance, kicking off the festivities. (Photo by Eli Hogan)
Members of the Shaolin Institute put on a demonstration, showing their mastery of weaponry, Tai Chi, and Kung Fu, after the traditional dragon dance had ended. (Photo by Eli Hogan)


Three instructors of the Shaolin Institute lined up to show their first weaponry performance, followed by many more. From left to right; James Flannery, Crystal Yau, Lyman Chen (Photo by Eli Hogan)
The next students to demonstrate their proficiency in Tai Chi / Kung Fu line up on the side of the encirclement that was formed. (Photo by Eli Hogan)
Some of the children who attend the institute line up next to show the crowd what they have learned. (Photo by Eli Hogan)
The second demonstration with weaponry was held shortly after the first three members wowed the crowd, drawing expressions of excitement from children and adults alike. (Photo by Eli Hogan)


Crystal Yau, one of the head instructors of Kung Fu at the Shaolin Institute at the Atlanta location, showcases her mastery over wielding a sword and drew gasps from the crowd as she swung it around with grace. (Photo by Eli Hogan)
The second weapon demonstration continued, moving from side to side of the show area. (Photo by Eli Hogan)



The Shaolin Institute students and instructor, James Flannery (far right), perform their Kung Fu form in slow flowing movements as they close out their exhibition for the day. (Photo by Eli Hogan)
Lyman Chen, one of the head instructors for the adult Kung Fu classes at the Shaolin institute, thanks everyone who came and encourages those who wanted to try martial arts to join the interactive training session after the program. (Photo by Eli Hogan)
After an hour of performances, adults and students of the Shaolin Institute lined up and walked out of Atlantic Station. (Photo by Eli Hogan)
Audience members try beginner moves for Tai Chi or Kung Fu. (Photo by Eli Hogan)