Changing for the Better: When it Comes to Picking a Major, Your First Choice Isn’t Always the Best Choice


Some college students change their majors because their interest shifts to other career topics and they often modify their study goals. Some feel the importance of career stability and starting salaries influence the need to change their degree majors. Others discover that their degree decision is too challenging for their educational objectives.

Emma Sundstrom, a graduate art major and writing minor says, “I was too young to make an academic career decision before entering college.  I needed to take some classes and gain knowledge about a variety of degrees before choosing a major and minor.”

Julie Richardson, a junior majoring in education, says, “I found changing my degree to education was a more secure major with a better beginning salary for me.  My parents wanted me to have a career so I could find a job more easily after college with job security.” Richardson continues to say, ” My best friend discovered she liked psychology after taking a few classes and wants to help children. She is finishing up her junior year.”

Skylar Johnson, a freshman film major, says she used to attend Oglethorope College and it was very expensive for her. “I decided that going to UNG, the Pell and Hope Scholarship would help with my tuition.  I am so glad I transferred and changed my major to film,” Johnson said.

Michele Nugent, a sophomore majoring in education at Emmanuel College, says before attending for dual enrollment while in high school, she wanted to major in business for her degree choice. “When I took an introduction to education class, it made my decision easy. I felt teaching was the best major for my future and I love it,” Nugent said.