Stress Looms Over UNG: Students Prep for Finals


Students have their eyes set on summer break and are pushing hard to get through the stress of finals. UNG is offering various methods to help students relax, such as therapy dog visits, De-Stress Fest hosted by Nighthawks Entertainment, along with the Delta Chi Car Smash.

Students are spending their days studying and staying organized to optimize their time for finals, while also making plans for summer.

Betsy Chambers, junior English major with an art history minor says she is feeling the pressure of finals, making her feel overwhelmed. Chambers says that she has three final papers, two presentations along with one final exam. Over the summer, Chambers plans to take a break from classes so that she can regroup and focus on work.

Payton Kirk, a cadet and junior psychology major with a business administration minor, says that she is feeling overwhelmed with finals because “the tests cover a lot of material on one test and account for a decent percentage in the class.” Kirk says, “I am controlling my stress behavior by making sure that I am managing my time wisely and exercising. Exercising has always helped me control my stress levels.” As a cadet, Kirk is also planning on attending cadet training over the summer.

Jana Hornsey, junior English major with a psychology minor, has three final papers, one final project along with one final exam. “I’m prepping for finals by scheduling out all the due dates and taking it day by day. I’m feeling excited to be done but also bittersweet that it will be over. Studying with friends and taking breaks has helped to alleviate the stress,” says Hornsey. Hornsey plans to study abroad this summer in London to get credit toward her degree.

Abbi Rogers, senior English major with a journalism minor says that she is prepping for finals “by dedicating a certain amount of time each day toward working on projects.” Rogers also said that a lot of Starbucks blonde roasts have also helped motivate her. “I’m actually okay right now, but I think it’s going to hit me in a few days, and I’ll be a mess,” says Rogers. Rogers plans to work for an internship position over the summer and will graduate December.