Dahlonega’s Lighting Makes Students Feel Unsafe


By: Alyssa Snelling

The University of North Georgia’s Dahlonega Campus is far too dark to ensure student safety. UNG could benefit from the implementation of more adequate lighting. There are too many dark spots around campus, especially in front of the residence halls and the biggest part of campus, the drill field. These dark spots are a result of burned-out bulbs or no lighting in place at all. This should not be a problem students should have to deal with on top of their already stressful schedules.

Photo by Alyssa Snelling

Students among the campus typically have to travel at night due to later classes, getting off work or walking home from club/sports practices. If the university is going to hold late classes or practices, they should make sure their students are as safe as possible when returning to their dorms or vehicles.

Freshman business major, Lovely Grace Pilibino, makes a walk at 8:30 p.m. from Memorial Hall to Donovan Hall. Lovely states, “I feel unsafe when walking back from cheer practice since it’s so dark. I just hope the school can implement more lighting to make other students and I feel safer”. The path she takes is especially dark and the average person would have a difficult time navigating their way to their destination in such an unilluminated area.

If the campus cared about the safety of their students, they could improve by doing frequent checks to ensure that lightbulbs are not burned out and by implementing more lights around areas lacking light. This is something that should be fixed by the campus safety department as soon as possible.