TikTok on Top: A Look at Nighthawks’ Use of Social Media


Photo from irishtimes.com

Most University of North Georgia students use social media every day, from connecting with friends, passing time, or distracting themselves when they’re bored in class. Most students today know how to or what social media platforms are best to use. Whether it is for a good laugh or just messaging a friend.

According to The University Network website, 40% of the students surveyed use social media daily.

A survey of 300 UNG students with various majors and ranging from freshman to seniors, 74% said they spend about 2 ½ hours on social media per day. While 15% said that they spend more than 6 hours a day on social media. The remaining 11% said that they use either less than an hour or do not use social media at all.

TikTok was the most used, with 65% of the students saying they used it, beating out Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. For 55% of the students, social media is a way to pass time when they’re not in class or are in their dorm rooms. But boring classes account for 23% of survey respondents’ time on social media, and 11% said that they use it when they are procrastinating or messaging friends.

Not every student thinks so much time on social media is a good thing. UNG junior criminal justice sophomore, Andrew Topouzoglou says, “Students need to cut back and just enjoy the life instead of needing to capture it and share it with everyone on the Internet.”