Women’s Soccer Scores Big on Spirit Night


By Luke Rowe

University of North Georgia women’s soccer team had a 3-0 win against University of South Carolina Aiken on Wednesday night.

UNG students and teammates came prepared for spirit night at the Lynn Cottrell stadium with lots of energy and excitement. Abbie Crane, a senior Kinesiology major at UNG, who plays forward on the team, said, “We were all excited to play and had high energy because we knew the atmosphere was going to be hype with it being spirit night.”

The win on spirit night got the team and fans riled up for future games. Skylar Abbot, a junior Kinesiology major, who plays forward on the team, said, “[Wednesday] definitely gave us a little boost of confidence for our upcoming games.”

By Luke Rowe

The ladies made sure they were prepared for the game mentally and physically. Abbott said, “Mentally, we just get in the mindset that we’re capable of accomplishing whatever we put our minds to and just try our best to make the environment as lively and energetic as we can.”

By Luke Rowe

Even with the big win, it was not an easy game. Crane said, “The team we were playing made it harder for us to score…we knew going into the game that they would sit back and defend.”


The spirit night ended with fireworks over the field.