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The cast of 1984 accepts a standing ovation following up opening night of 1984.

1984 Opening Night Ends in Standing Ovation

Mason Pearson April 18, 2023

The Gainesville Theater Alliance has done it again. Opening night of 1984, GTA’S newest production, went off without a hitch. This story of two lovers navigating an overbearing government intent on keeping...

Swampfest Was Fire

Swampfest Was Fire

Mason Pearson March 7, 2023

Swampfest is an annual event held by professional BMX rider, Trey Jones. This event is hosted by Spyder Motocross, in Longwood, Florida. Swampfest is a time of year where BMX riders gather from across...

Huggy Bear Goes Viral

Huggy Bear Goes Viral

Mason Pearson February 23, 2023

Chris Barnett is a rising UFC star, fighting by way of Athens, Georgia. Barnett recently burst onto the UFC fanbase’s radar with a spinning hook kick victory against Gian Villante, and a massive comeback...

Nuçis Space is Music to Mental Health

Nuçi’s Space is Music to Mental Health

Mason Pearson February 23, 2023

Depression and mental health issues are a plague that can affect everyone without discrimination. Talk of mental health is common, but what are not common are resources available to help. Nuçi’s Space...

Atlanta Skateboarders Gather to Support Comrade

Atlanta Skateboarders Gather to Support Comrade

Mason Pearson February 7, 2023

On Saturday February 4, the Atlanta skateboarding community gathered at a DIY skatepark to raise funds for a friend in difficult times. Hosted by Stratosphere skateboards, hundreds of people attended. Marlon...

Photos by Mason Pearson

Reconnecting with the Flip Phone

Mason Pearson December 8, 2022

The idea of using a flip-phone in 2022 may be a little far-fetched, however people are choosing to trade in their smart phones for more basic options. The obsession over smartphones is starting to dissipate,...

Lead Singer of Snuki captured at Globe Athens

Athens Punk Music Scene Expands

Mason Pearson December 6, 2022

  In the past year, Athens, Georgia has seen a large expansion in its punk music scene. New bands, venues, and fans have been coming and going, and it can be hard to keep track of what is going...

Photos by Mason Pearson

Make Someone Smile Today

Mason Pearson November 8, 2022

The mental health in young adults has been declining rapidly since the start of the pandemic. Many blame this on the age of the internet. In a world more connected than ever, it’s easier to compare...

No Need In Going to the Skate Shop, Itll Come to You!

No Need In Going to the Skate Shop, It’ll Come to You!

Mason Pearson October 27, 2022

Until the past few years, Gainesville has had little to no skateboarding scene. Along with the building of the Gainesville skatepark came a new community of skateboarders, and spear heading this motion...

Photo by Mason Pearson

Are Vapes Being Used to Stop Cigarettes or Start Them?

Mason Pearson October 6, 2022

In previous years smoking cigarettes was the common entry into using electronic nicotine devices. However, in 2022 these roles might have reversed themselves. Recently students have reported that many...

Where to See Good Music in Athens

Where to See Good Music in Athens

Mason Pearson October 4, 2022

Athens, Georgia’s punk and underground music scene has been lacking a consistent and safe event space for years after the closing of the Caledonia Lounge. However, a group of local college students...

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