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Fatima Santillan

Overcoming Guilt and Finding Success

Adriana Hernandez, Staff Writer/ Editor October 18, 2023

Being a first-generation student comes with its own set of challenges. From wanting to succeed and create a future for yourself but having the lingering thought in your head – you do not deserve it. First-generation...

The five members left to right are Dulce María, Christopher von Uckermann, Anahí, Christian Chávez, and Maite Perroni. Alfonso Herrera could not join the tour as he had prior commitments with contracts beforehand. However, he wishes his bandmates well and hopes they have fun performing again.

Soy Rebelde 2023: Mexican Pop Group Return to Music

Adriana Hernandez, Staff Writer/ Editor October 5, 2023

After 15 years since their last performance together, the Mexican pop group Rebelde returned to music with a sold-out tour, Soy Rebelde.  At the end of 2022, the group members, excluding one,...

Photo by: Jozsef Koller

FBI Warns the Danger of Public Charging Stations

Adriana Hernandez April 25, 2023

No matter the location, whether at the mall or airport, there is always that one place where people with low battery can relax and power their phones – the public charging station. But according to a...

Photo by: Tim Gouw

How Burnout Impacts Students

Adriana Hernandez April 25, 2023

As finals season approaches, many students gain little motivation to study for their exams. They do not feel inspired to study the same way they did at the start of the semester. Videos displaying #burntoutschool...

Screenshot by: Adriana Hernandez.
Instagram page: @apaperbacklife

BookTok: The Desire to Become a Reader

Adriana Hernandez April 13, 2023

Grab a highlighter, some colorful sticky notes, and wipe away the dust from that book, because reading is cool. Or, is being made out to be on social media. Apps like Instagram and TikTok are showcasing...

Photo by Adriana Hernandez.

Awaken the Monster in You: The Dangers of Energy Drinks

Adriana Hernandez March 2, 2023

For decades, energy drinks have been the top choice for college students, partiers, or people that need a pick-me-up. It is advertised as a beverage that contains caffeine, B vitamins, and taurine. While...

Photo by Natalie Hua

Fighting to End Machismo Culture

Adriana Hernandez February 28, 2023

In Hispanic cultures, family is above all else. Family ties to one’s identity, and to have a family, is to never go through hardship alone. The structure built around this is a patriarchal one, where...

Photo by Adriana Hernandez.

The Dangers of “Me-Time”

Adriana Hernandez February 27, 2023

For many people, a trip to the nail salon is a moment to wind down and relax from the hard week. As the smell of monomer fills the salon, smiles are seen in the mirror, and the owner tells clients to come...

Photo by Adriana Hernandez.

The Lonely Reality of College

Adriana Hernandez February 16, 2023

Life is an endless transition from one stage to the next. The transitions make people step out of their comfort zone and face the fear of vulnerability in a new environment.  College is another stage...

Screenshot by Adriana Hernandez

Thin is In

Adriana Hernandez January 24, 2023

Mini-skirts popularized by Miu Miu and low-rise jeans from the early 2000s are making a comeback. This is shifting the standard of how clothing is worn; by only skinny people with "11" line stomachs. Trends...

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