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Photo by Adriana Hernandez.

Awaken the Monster in You: The Dangers of Energy Drinks

Adriana Hernandez March 2, 2023

For decades, energy drinks have been the top choice for college students, partiers, or people that need a pick-me-up. It is advertised as a beverage that contains caffeine, B vitamins, and taurine. While...

Photo by Natalie Hua

Fighting to End Machismo Culture

Adriana Hernandez February 28, 2023

In Hispanic cultures, family is above all else. Family ties to one’s identity, and to have a family, is to never go through hardship alone. The structure built around this is a patriarchal one, where...

Photo by Adriana Hernandez.

The Dangers of “Me-Time”

Adriana Hernandez February 27, 2023

For many people, a trip to the nail salon is a moment to wind down and relax from the hard week. As the smell of monomer fills the salon, smiles are seen in the mirror, and the owner tells clients to come...

Photo by Adriana Hernandez.

The Lonely Reality of College

Adriana Hernandez February 16, 2023

Life is an endless transition from one stage to the next. The transitions make people step out of their comfort zone and face the fear of vulnerability in a new environment.  College is another stage...

Screenshot by Adriana Hernandez

Thin is In

Adriana Hernandez January 24, 2023

Mini-skirts popularized by Miu Miu and low-rise jeans from the early 2000s are making a comeback. This is shifting the standard of how clothing is worn; by only skinny people with "11" line stomachs. Trends...

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