Super Bowl LV and the Passing of the Torch?


Super Bowl LV features one of the NFL’s young and upcoming dynasties the Kansas City Chiefs and one of the hottest teams in the league the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

This year’s Super Bowl is filled with star studded talent all across the field, best on best. The expectations for this year are as high as they’ve ever been. Two of the game’s best quarterbacks will face off against each other. Young superstar talent Patrick Mahomes will go up against what many consider the greatest football player of all time, Tom Brady. This is thought to be the best quarterback head to head matchup in Super Bowl history.

New and 43 year old quarterback Tom Brady has delivered and brought his new team to a Super Bowl appearance. Many have been waiting for the him to fall off the cliff but it doesn’t seem as if he’s just their yet. People also had doubts whether or not him leaving New England and coach Bill Belichick behind for sunny Tampa Bay he’d be able to keep his sustained success. With the help of loaded supporting cast the Buccaneers have surrounded Brady with plenty of talent to get the ball to, and helping him reach his 10th Super Bowl appearance and most ever by a player.

The young generational talent, who some say when his career is over will be the greatest to play Patrick Mahomes is ready to put his mark on being the greatest ever already. In only his fourth year and third as a starter he already has an MVP and super bowl championship to his name, looking to go back to back and repeating for the first since… Brady’s 2004-2005 seasons. As a starter Mahomes has a ridiculous record of 44-9 and was awarded handsomely this offseason by signing the biggest contract in NFL history at 10 years for $503 million. He hasn’t come short on his end of the deal as one of this year’s MVP finalist throwing a ridiculous number of 38 touchdown to only 6 interceptions, with 3 of those interceptions coming from one game that he still won!

The Buccaneers come into the game with an advantage as becoming the first team in Super Bowl history to play in their hosting city of the Super Bowl. All year they have had one of the top defenses led by linebacker Devin White whom many believe is the best at his position in the game right now. At the beginning of the season their offense started slow but as the season went on they only kept improving. A major part of this is due to their established running game attack from Leonard Fournette and Ronald Jones Jr. Fournette should be an integral part of this game if the Buccaneers were to win. As their best option is to establish the running game early and wear down the Chiefs defense and to most importantly keep the ball out Mahomes hands.

The Chiefs are coming into the game as three point favorites. There is some uncertainty on whether some players will be available for the game as they have recently had a COVID-19 breakout throughout the locker room. The teams first priority should be to try to keep everyone safe and ready for the game. Their key to winning this game is for their defense to keep pressuring Brady. Brady has one of the league’s lowest quarterback ratings when being pressured. The offense must run through wide receiver Tyreek Hill who exploded for 13 receptions, 269 yards, and 3 touchdowns in the first matchup during the regular season between these two teams. If he becomes the defenses top priority from allowing such explosive plays from they need to turn to their ole reliable tight end Travis Kelce, who has been this year’s best.

This seems to be one for ages, and in 20 years potentially the deciding factor one who the greatest quarterback of all time.