UNG SGA President Has Words of Advice For Incoming President


Anna Moller Looks Towards The Future

The University of North Georgia Student Government Association announced Emmalyn Mitchell, junior marketing major and student at UNG’s Blue Ridge campus, as the SGA President for the 2023-2024 academic year.

UNG’s current SGA President, Anna Møller, senior psychology major, is graduating this year and saying farewell to UNG. Møller said “My time at UNG and with SGA has played a significant role in my life, allowing me to grow as an individual and leader, exploring the best path forward as I finish my college degree this May. I am grateful for the unique amount of practical hands-on experience I have gotten through SGA, both in teamwork development, taking initiatives from idea to implementation, and increasing student involvement.” Møller believes her biggest accomplishment is the increased student awareness and involvement with SGA. “Being SGA President is a hard and time-consuming endeavor, but with every hour, I have developed myself and contributed to real change for students,” said Møller.

Møller is hopeful for what Mitchell can accomplish as SGA president. “There are many exciting directions that SGA may take in the coming year. Personally, I hope that SGA will be able to further build on the hard work we have done this year, enabling SGA to function more smoothly and engage further with the student body, specifically championing the needs of our valuable student organizations and working further with administration to ensure the student voice is heard,” said Møller.

Offering some words of wisdom, Møller said her advice to Mitchell is to be courageous and take initiative. “As the leader you will need to fuse energy and passion into the organization to get projects kick-started, but you also will never have the best answers. You will need to be courageous enough to be vulnerable, honestly exposing the things you do not know and asking questions to get as much input from others as possible,” said Møller. Møller believes that with Mitchell’s experience in SGA as Blue Ridge vice president, she will be successful as the newest SGA president. “She has great leadership qualities, being hard working, collaborative, an initiative-taker, and with a genuine concern for the needs of all students,” said Møller.

Emmalyn Mitchell was contacted for this story, but did not respond to questions.